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Pastor's Prayer Groups by State

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Contact Name Phone Email City State Zip Code Memo Last Updated USAorOther
Christian Becker (540) 261-6425 cjbecker@embarqmail.com Buena Vista VA 24416 We meet Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m. in various churches in Buena Vista, Lexington and Rockbridge County. 8/19/2009 4:44:04 PM USA
Paul Hansen 703 425-0205 macpastor@aol.com Burke VA 22015 Repairers of the Breach Pastors Prayer Group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at 10:30 AM 2/3/2000 4:58:53 PM USA
Matthew Taylor 703-393-0084 matthew517@home.com Centerville VA 20120 Firstborn Ministries is a Messianic home fellowship. We meet on Friday nights at around 7:00 pm. In the same manner in which the church in Acts meet. We come together and eat a meal and talk. Then when we finish that we worship the Lord and eat His word. 7/1/2000 9:33:22 AM USA
Pastor Dan Bergey 757-546-0794 dbergey@aol.com Chesapeake VA 23322 We are a group of Pastors who meet weekly on Thursday from 3-4 P.M. to pray for the City of Chesapeake.I am not the leader of the group but believe God is beginning a great work here. 6/29/2000 11:37:40 AM USA
Pastor John Dooley (757)547-4692 jdooley@iol18.com Chesapeake VA 23322 & 20 We are meeing in various locations all over the South Hampton Roads area which includes Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virgina Beach. The I directly oversee meets every Thursday from 2:30pm till 4:00pm at Harvest Assembly of God Greenbrier Parkway Chesapeake. Besides our host pastor, I am Lutheran, plus we have Mennonite, independent carismatic, Episcopal, Vineyard, and Presbyterian. We end our prayer time with communion each week. 8/28/2000 8:50:53 AM USA
wbsrfjtfspk JdGXswCfxt atyubk@hnvljw.com dpNNrYFamT VA MLCVcBaigiHN BEYK4N <a href="http://xpwvwudcgapc.com/">xpwvwudcgapc</a>, [url=http://ktgyqkrwjswo.com/]ktgyqkrwjswo[/url], [link=http://otmjqsugwtqa.com/]otmjqsugwtqa[/link], http://jobsiswmmgwn.com/ 1/13/2015 7:01:50 PM USA
Bowie Curry 540-373-3324 bowie1@cox.net Falmouth VA 22405 Healthy Church Resource Center Group – Primarily Baptist but open to all. Meets Tuesday mornings at 8:30 – 10:00 AM. Focus: Prayer, Fellowship, and accountability. 400 Chatham Square in Falmouth 4/10/2003 USA
Bowie Curry 540-373-3324 bowie1@cox.net Falmouth VA 22405 Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 7:30 - 8:30 AM. Location: CITIPrayer office at 400 b Chatham Square Office Park in the Falmouth area of South Stafford County. Focus: Praying for the city and support and encouragement of one another. Interdenominational 1/17/2001 9:54:14 AM USA
Bowie Curry 540-373-3324 bowie1@cox.net Fredericksburg VA 22401 College Heights Group - Non-denominational, most convenient to Fredericksburg City pastors. Meets Monday afternoons from 3:00 – 5:30 PM - Focus: Prayer, Fellowship, and accountability Pastor’s residence: 1415 Stafford Ave. Fredericksburg, VA 22401   USA
Susan Talcott (703) 221-4833 talcots@aol.com Fredericksburg VA 22401 Every morning at 7 am and every evening at 7, except for Sundays. 2/26/2000 5:52:30 PM USA
Bowie Curry 540-373-3324 bowie1@cox.net Fredericksburg VA 22408 Spotsylvania Alliance of Christian Ministries [SACM] – Non-denominational, most convenient to Spotsylvania County pastors. Meets Thursday mornings from 8:30 - 9:30 AM. Focus: Prayer, Fellowship. Spotsylvania Presbyterian Church - 11121 Leavells Road Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407 4/10/2003 USA
Dr Jack Stagman, Pastor 540-338-2738 fai@megapipe.net Hamilton VA 20159 TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT One group meets in Purcellville every Tuesday 11-12 am -about 7 pastors. Another group meets once per month in Leesburg under "Loudoun County Clergy association - average 7 pastors. 11/3/2000 1:10:47 PM USA
James G. Franklin 757-728-0837 jimfrank@juno.com Hampton VA 23669 Am praying alone at present. 2/26/2000 5:54:06 PM USA
Rev. Jack Richardson (540)433-0769 jackr@wingfieldministries.org Harrisonburg VA 22801 Meets 2nd Wed of each month from noon 'til 1 PM at Wingfield Ministries office, 2389 Grace Chapel Road, Harrisonburg. 6/29/2000 1:06:56 PM USA
Jack Stagman 540-338-0409 fai@megapipe.net Loudoun County VA   Three different groups meet at various times. Please contact for details 1/2/2002 9:26:11 AM USA
Bob Yarbrough 703-368-1493 byarbro724@aol.com Manassas VA 20110 I serve several prayer groups in the area, and link them with a newsletter. Manassas pastor's prayer group meets each Wednesday at 7:14 a.m. - about 10 in attendance. Woodbridge pastors meet each Wednesday at noon at Christ Chapel. For information on other groups in area, contact me. 2/21/2001 11:10:59 AM USA
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Gerald T. Johnson 757-714-3133 jerry@chapterandverse.org Norfolk VA 23502 Hosted by Christian Concourse (www.christianconcourse.org) Norview Pastors' Prayer Group; Meeting for prayer and fellowship every Monday morning at 10AM in a church in Norview, rotating every month. 7/13/2000 4:30:08 PM USA
Jack Stagman 540-338-0409 jackstagman@comcast.net Purcellville VA 20132 We have three transformation prayer groups in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia. These are Purcellville, Ashburn and Leesburg 9/18/2008 10:40:34 AM USA
Rev. Dr. Robert Canon 804-233-102 revdrc@cincast,bet Richmond VA 23225 Richmond Prayer Center of which I am President/Director. We are located in the Historical/Mid-/City of City of Richmond. Teach intercessory Prayer and Prayer groups meet all during week. RPC phone number 804-359-5272. Prayer request welcome. 1/25/2005 5:36:02 PM USA
Richmond Prayer Center/Rev.Dr. Robert Cannon 804-233-102 revdrc@comcast.net Richmond VA 23225 We teach intercessory prayer and have people praying; different prayer groups regularly during the week. RPC Phone number is 804-359-5272. Prayer request welcomed. We pray for the Nations of the world regularly. 1/25/2005 5:55:14 PM USA
Pastor Robert Cannon 804-233-1027 revdrc@comcast.net Richmond, VA 23225 Prayer is offered daily at 5:00 AM, until 6:00 AM.est. We will pray for your request, and agree with you that it shall be done 1/28/2005 6:48:34 PM USA
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Rob Stevenson 757-523-9802 rob@acts2church.org Virginia Beach VA 23464 Prayer every day, Monday through Sunday, 6 to 7 AM, at Acts 2 Church, 929 Level Green Blvd. We normally have between 6 to 12 each day. 11/24/2001 6:22:06 PM USA
Paul J. Lanari 757 479 1133 x175 planari@ASBC.NET Virginia Beach VA 23464 Please see web site for details. Go to www.asbc.net, then click Ministries, Prayer, Pastor's Prayer Partners. 3/9/2004 2:21:56 PM USA
Bob Fox 757-366-9770/560-5444 bobfox@cornerstonecsi.org Virginia Beach VA 23464 I serve pastors regionally as a city-church worker, to include building pastor prayer groups. Call me for info about groups in this area. 2/21/2000 3:39:20 PM USA
Pastor Doug Van Niel 757-242-9054 dvanniel@earthlink.net Windsor VA 23487 Central Isle of Wight County focuses the "heart of the cross" in Windsor. (Rt. 258 North & South, Rt. 460 East & West.) We're beginning with a prayer luncheon at Checkers Restaurant, located on Rt. 460 west of Winsor, at noon on the 3rd Tuesday monthly. 9/4/2000 2:28:31 PM USA
John Guernsey 703-670-0093 ext. 7 jguernsey@allsaintsdalecity.org Woodbridge VA 22193 Pastors in Eastern Prince William County meet weekly for prayer from 12:00-1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays at Christ Chapel on Smoketown Road. 7/23/2002 11:24:05 AM USA



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