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>From: Assistcomm@cs.com
>By: Michael Ireland

More than 300 Turkish believers and visitors filled the garden of the St. Paul Cultural Center, sang praises, watched a re-enactment of the death and resurrection of Christ, and listened to a visiting veteran Turkish Bible teacher speak about the resurrection at Easter, according to reports received at the U.S. office of Turkish World Outreach in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Writing from Turkey, a pastor working there writes: "Before this supernatural season of Easter ends, let me finally offer a brief report of Easter events in Antalya. Keep in mind as you read that Antalya is a Muslim city...nevertheless a city where unexpected opportunities arise and where the Easter faith still bears fruit.

"After doing our best to taste the agony and grief of Jesus' last days and death, Easter seemed to come like a morning with double the light. Our Sunrise Service had as many people as our regular services, and at 11:00 a.m. the meeting room of the St. Paul Cultural Center was full with members and visitors of the International Church. From the Center for the next hour-and-a-half soared heavenward both praise and petition, both rekindled belief and renewed commitment. And during that hour no other congregation within a few hundreds of miles of the Center was doing the same," he wrote.

"But after we were done, the burgeoning Turkish church gathered and couldn't even fit into the meeting room. More than three hundred Turkish believers and visitors filled the garden of the St. Paul Center, sang praises, watched a reenactment of the death and resurrection of Christ, and listened to a visiting veteran Turkish Bible teacher speak about the resurrection.

"Then attendees from both congregations and a countless flow of stop-and-go others listened to a splendid Scott Alan Concert in a central park in the Old City of Antalya. This professional singer, deeply committed to the faith and the Lord's service, spoke and sang the gospel so clearly and beautifully, and with an amplified volume that could be heard from at least a kilometer away!" the correspondent said.

"The fact that the city officials are willing to work with the St. Paul Cultural Center to arrange an Easter event like this is not only commendable, it's amazing," he said. "In addition to the local municipalities contributing to the arrangements and costs, three city officials spoke, including the mayor, and made very supportive and respectful statements.

"I was also asked to speak. But rather than offering another speech, I felt moved to simply lead the people in a prayer for Turkey. Using carefully chosen terminology, I expressed, on behalf of us foreigners, great love for this land and its people. I prayed for those suffering because of the recent financial crisis here in Turkey. I prayed for a highly successful tourism season, which Turkey desperately needs. And I prayed for this country to experience in abundance God's best blessings," the pastor wrote.

"That simple prayer was aired on three different television stations, and to this day I receive expressions of appreciation and thanks. I saw one front-page newspaper article about the event as a whole, and that prayer received by far the most attention. The main picture associated with the article was not the mayor giving his speech. It wasn't even the extremely gifted and world-traveled performer. Instead, the picture was of a virtually unknown pastor, lifting his heart to God in prayer for a country in struggle and for a people in pain.

"Which I suppose goes to show, friends, just how much ordinary people like to be upheld in prayer. Thank you for your prayers: for ordinary us, for this land, and for the Lord's exciting work here."

Assist News Service, P.O. Box 2126, Garden Grove, CA 92842-2126
   http://www.assist-ministries.com    /   http://www.Christianity.com/assistnews

>From: macedonia missions [mailto:macedoniamissions@usa.net]

On May 13 2001 missionaries and intercessors gathered together at AGURA hotel in Abuja and prayed for the nations within the geographical and geo-political entities within the country: the ECOWAS sub-region; African Continent and the world at large.

...For the Lord to totally heal the land of Bloodshed among the warring ethnic fractions in NASARAWA State (the Egbira/Bassa cold war).
   The silent spiritual wars against the Gospel
   -The economic strangulation in the midst of rich mineral resources
   -The total and genuine repentance by the indigenes of the lands

...Strategic Prayers and Warfare meetings growing in three main centers of Abuja, Jos and Lagos.

...To contact prayer network for:
   -Outlets in North Korea,Japan (Sapporo Region Prayer initiative for Okhaido started since 1999 October every Wednesday.
   -The Okinawa region to open up for revival soonest.
   -Afro Asia Mission conference in December ---Divine arrangement ---Afro Asians globally to catch the vision.
   -God divines strength and directions on our specialized outreaches

God Bless you, Rev. Dr.. Victor O. Adara

>From:  http://www.sentinelgroup.org

   Ever hear of Rumors International? No, it's not a salty Internet newsgroup or a gossip-oriented Web site. Nor is it an entertainment rag you once saw on display at the supermarket check out. Truth, as they say, is sometimes stranger than fiction.
   Rumors International is a popular nightclub located in the Australian hill town of Toowoomba. (Did you guess it?) As one of the largest venues in the area, the club was pressed into service recently as the host facility for a conference on community transformation attended by some 1,200 revival-hungry delegates. Many participants were "Bushies" -- inhabitants of Australia's numerous small towns and vast "Outback." Others came from big coastal towns like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. More than 90 percent had seen the Transformations video.
   The event was also attended by dozens of international pastors and prayer leaders. Some came from countries as far away as India, Malawi and Japan. Most, however, took the shorter trip down from Fiji and Indonesia. A delegation from the city of Surabaya reported that they had shown the Transformations video to more than 500 pastors. They and many other foreign delegates pled earnestly that we would come to their nations.
   If you think that holding a transformations conference in a nightclub is strange, I can do you one better! Last November I was actually invited to a transformations cocktail! The event was held in the presidential suite of the largest athletic stadium in Cape Town, South Africa. Attendees included high-powered businessmen, national sports stars, political luminaries and the city's leading clergy.
   As soon as I walked in the door I was approached by the event organizer, a highly successful construction magnate named Graham Power. Having been shown the Transformations video soon after his conversion two years ago, Mr. Power was stirred by the prospect of God visiting his own beloved Cape Town. Taking me by the arm, he led me out onto the suite's viewing balcony. Gesturing across the vast empty stadium he asked, "Can you see it? On March 21st we envision every seat filled with prayerful, worshipping Christians. We want to invite God into the city!"
   For the next hour Ruth Ruibal, Harold Caballeros and I were asked to deliver a sweeping report of God at work in the nations, a report intended to inspire faith and to elucidate the steps necessary to attract the attention of a Holy God. It must have worked, for I will never forget the wide-eyed expressions gazing out from behind the martini glasses!
   The latest news, received just yesterday, is that interest in this event is now so high that it threatens to overwhelm the stadium's 55,000-seat capacity! Announced attendees include the city mayor, the provincial governor and numerous federal dignitaries.
   Even more remarkable is the fact that these scenes are being played out all over the world. I can't begin to unpack the stories that are flowing into our offices on a daily basis. I can only stand amazed at the impact of Transformations--on presidents, parliamentarians, business magnates, defense and national police officials, and literally hundreds of city mayors.
   What is more, the phenomenon that inspired the video is continuing to spread. What began as a list of eight transformations case studies two-and-a-half years ago has now grown to nearly 50 such cases. During my recent trip to Australia I was presented with new leads in Mexico, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Who knows what we have yet to discover.
   Thank you for your wonderful support!
   George Otis, Jr.
   President, The Sentinel Group, PO Box 6334, Lynnwood, WA 98036

>From: Assistcomm@cs.com
>By Dan Wooding

A unique website - http://www.ePrayerLetter.com -- has been established for career missionaries and short-term Christian workers to post their prayer needs.

"Our new site allows Christian workers to create and maintain their own personal missions-focused website by using easy-to-access online forms," explained Southern California-based founder, Bill Wells, a former businessman who now, along with his wife Sharon, serves with The Seed Company, a ministry of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

"The information is neatly organized into different web pages that contain personal information, prayer and praise items, pictures and other pertinent information. The missionary has total control over which pages are displayed and what is posted to these pages. For those who need it, we also provide security features that allow our subscribers to control who can visit their website.

"All people have to do is simply fill in the information they want to provide to their prayer supporters, and our computers maintain the information in an easy-to-use, personal website that their supporters can visit."

Joe Class, president of Class and Associates, based in Irvine, California, who is helping with the new website, explained, "Our goal is to help short-term and career missionaries with a critically important need, prayer. We realize that without prayer, ministry is, at best, limited and, at worst, not worth doing. ePrayerLetter.com is perhaps the most efficient way, for someone serving anywhere in the world to get information to a vast number of
people very quickly."

Bill Wells explained how the website got started. "It began last fall with a phone call between my son and myself. Somebody had told him that they were working on a website and he said, 'This is crazy. They shouldn't be working on a website, they should be sticking to their job.' We got talking about it and out of that came ePrayerLetter.com."

When asked what he hoped to achieve through the website, Wells replied, "We would like to make available this instrument that will allow every Christian worker to put information out on the web without having to learn how to use html code, without having to put up with banner ads, and with a site that has visual clues that just fits properly with the broad evangelical community, so that the people that go there will feel comfortable. They can look at it and say, 'Yes, this is my kind of deal.'"

Joe Class then added, "One of the annoyances is, if you want to look at a lot of missionaries websites, is that you have to sign onto a website that has advertising that may be completely inconsistent with that missionaries' heart. So you have to wade through a lot of ads and a lot of garbage in order to get the information you want with ePrayerLetter.com.

Wells then said, "Our goal was to provide a service that is all about prayer and ministry. For less than $7.00 a month, we can do that."

He said that there are three types of subscriptions for ePrayerLetter.com and it is based on how a Christian worker wants their prayer partners to find their home prayer page.
   The first allows logging onto the site and then finding the Christian worker by their last name and the mission agency they are with.
   The second is for Christian workers who need more security, and this requires that the visitor know your login name and an appropriate password. This password would be supplied by the Christian worker to only those that he or she wants to have it.
   The third subscription for those involved in short-term missions projects. In order for prayer supporters to find that Christian workers, they would simply provide last name and the state.

To sample ePrayerLeter.com and for a sample site, look at Bill and Sharon Wells with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

When asked why prayer was so important for missionaries, Wells said, "Because God has promised to bless the work of His Church and has invited us to participate by praying with missionaries and this is the key for allowing people to share in a concrete, personal way what is on their hearts."

For more information, log onto www.ePrayerLetter.com or phone Joe Class at (949) 794-9100 or e-mail him at joe@classandassociates.com.

>From:  Religion Today <newssummary@lists.crosswalk.com>

Thousands from every conceivable denominational and church background will be attending numerous Christian church festivals and conferences to be held in Britain this summer. The large numbers might lead the casual observer to think that the church in the United Kingdom is in great health.  But, sadly, appearances can be deceiving.

Last year's festival-goers could not help but notice the obituaries being written for the church.  "Priests hold services but no one's there," was one comment.  Attendance has fallen from just over 19 percent in 1975 to less than 8 percent today.  "The festivals prosper, while the church is bleeding," according to The Guardian.

The real beneficiaries are the growing number of para-church organizations and Christian companies. This may well be a clue as to why these successful events have failed to make an impact on the church.  The existence of so many para-church organizations, going where the church is not going, doing what the church is not doing, only reinforces the notion that the church is irrelevant, out-of-date.

The "festival circuit" provides excitement and may well be in danger of becoming an escape from the realities of local church life, reported The Guardian.

To read the story online, go to: http://news.crosswalk.com/religion/item/0,,348499,00.htm
*Copyright © 2001 Crosswalk.com, Inc. and its Content Providers. All rights reserved.

>From: fasting&prayer@ccci.org

The following is both a tribute to Julio Ruibal, a Speaker at the 1995 Fasting & Prayer Gathering, and a testimony to the supernatural power of fasting and prayer.    

Bullets could not stop what God had started.  Since 1978 Ruibal and his wife, Ruth, had worked in Cali home of Colombia's drug cartel.  Ruibal was convinced that if the people of God would join together and pray, the demonic grip on the city would be broken. He told a group of Americans, "I believe we are in such a crucial hour that the body of Christ is going to discover the most incredible weapon to overcome difficulty and to destroy the strongholds of the enemy [is] fasting and prayer."   

Julio Ruibal was in demand for his teaching on prayer and fasting. He and his wife had completed a 40-day fast together, and Bill Bright consulted with him before he began his 40-day fast. "I sensed that Julio was a committed man of God, and because he had studied health and had done a lot of fasting, I learned a great deal from our time together," Bright said.  

Ruibal focused on two aspects of fasting. The first was the spiritual aspect of humbling yourself before the Lord, seeking guidance and asking for God's will to be done on earth. The second was the physical aspect; particularly how a medically supervised fast can help the body recover from many ailments.   

The first step that had to be taken in Cali was to enlist the support of the churches in the prayer effort. In 1995 Ruibal was elected to the board for the Pastors' Association in Cali, which gathers pastors from more than 200 churches of various denominations. Through that group the first all-night fasting-and-prayer meeting was organized.

In a city where the Christian population was estimated at 50,000, about 20,000 converged at the coliseum for the night of prayer. During that weekend no one died from violence in Cali--to the amazement of public officials. An average of 150 people a month had died from violence in Cali prior to this time. Ten days after the gathering, the first leader in the Cali drug cartel was captured by authorities.

Ruibal was assassinated as the fourth prayer vigil was being planned, in 1995.  On the day he was shot, Ruibal and his wife were in their sixth day of fasting and prayer.  The Cali churches conducted their own Jericho march. For six days, thousands of Cali Christians rode around the city on buses, praying for the salvation of Cali. On the seventh day, they rode around the city seven times. Two weeks later the last remaining drug lord in the Cali cartel turned himself in to the authorities.   

"Julio Ruibal is a martyr not unlike the early apostles. He left us with an example of uncommon courage for Christ and for the church seeking worldwide revival. More so than the average Christian, Julio learned that it is better to trust the Lord for every day. We need such role models in our world." Bill Bright

The above is an excerpt from "Murdered But Not Defeated"
Charisma & Christian Life, by W. Terry Whalin

Fasting & Prayer is one of the most powerful biblical disciplines to under gird your city-wide evangelistic outreach.  For more information about how the Fasting & Prayer Resource Center can serve your ministry efforts, visit http://www.fastingprayer.com/serve.htm

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Please prayerfully consider sharing your testimony with us for the purpose of being a help and encouragement to others. With your permission your testimony may be shared, like this one, in an upcoming Fasting & Prayer email update.  If you¹d like a little help in preparing your testimony, check out the following web page


>From: Marc van der Woude <MarcvanderWoude@XC.Org>

Go to: http://www.joelnews.org
Look for Joel-News-International-365 * 4 June 2001

- One in five Europeans don't trust church
- National call to prayer in UK
- UK: Evangelism brings growth
- Miracles in Denmark
- Gideon's Army II in Germany
- Prayer for Belgium
- South Africans pray for France
- One million hours of prayer for Latvia
- Latvia: 'Jesus' film in schools
- Prayer evangelism in Lithuania
- Intercessors for Poland
- Healings among Muslims spark revival
- Prayer initiative in Bosnia
- 24-hour prayer in Greece
- Romania: 100,000 turn to Christ in 8 years
- Prayer for Russia

You can support Joel News at: http://www.joelnews.org/donation-jni.htm
More information on prayer and revival (articles, archives, faqs, links) is available on the Joel News pages: http://www.joelnews.org

>From: Marc van der Woude <MarcvanderWoude@XC.Org>

Joel News editor Branko Bjelajac started a Serbian edition of Joel News. It is available at http://www.joelnews.org/serbian.htm

>From: John_Robb@wvi.org

"Connecting Christ's People to fulfill His Great Commission in the 21st Century" was the theme of the recent global gathering of mission network leaders occurring in Port Dickson, Malaysia during April 28 to May 1. Coming from every region of the globe, over 260 men and women- each representing a significant ministry network or mission initiative in their part of the world- spent three days together grappling with the key issues involved in reaching the world for Christ in the years ahead.

This event was the fourth and largest gathering of what has come to be known as the Great Commission Roundtable (GCR).  Formed in 1999, the GCR was the result of desire for a new collaborative effort in world evangelization by the Lausanne Movement, the World Evangelical Fellowship and the AD2000 & Beyond Movement.  Its intent is to become a "network of networks" open to all segments of the Body of Christ, promoting global partnership towards the discipling of all peoples in response to Christ's Great Commission.

The GCR meeting in Malaysia fulfilled these intentions through numerous presentations and breakout workshops that focused on how to foster greater unity and connection between the various ministry networks represented by the participants.  Examples of current successful network models were given, such as Bihar Out-Reach Network from northern India, the COMIBAM mission association of Latin America, and Viva Network, a new UK initiative focusing on children at risk.

During breakout sessions by ministry interest and region, the participants grappled with key questions such as  "What can we learn from these various models to create better partnership among us?" and "What does the fulfillment of the Great Commission look like for your particular ministry?"

By the end of the three days, several significant themes emerged from the time of discussion and prayer together.  We increasingly recognized that effective partnership must be based first on relationships of love and trust, not just formal contracts. Uplifting worship, talks over meals and coffee, as well as opportunities for games and recreation facilitated this
deeper relationship-building. A shared conviction emerged that the Great Commission involves more than just proclamation of the Gospel or planting of churches, but must also include discipleship, spiritual nurture, and an emphasis on social transformation. The continued priority of ministry to the world's unreached people groups was also affirmed with significant re-commitment to keep this particular network strong and active.  Another theme that pervaded our discussions was the importance of being more holistic in ministry efforts in order to respond to such social dilemmas as the AIDS crisis or child prostitution.

Some of the action plans decided on by ministry interest and regional groups during the consultation included:
·    The Unreached Peoples ministry interest group decided to bring people together in 2002 to form a new international network focusing specially on our unfinished task in reaching all peoples with the Gospel.
·    The Church Planting group plans to establish an effective communication system among those interested in this type of ministry and to form an ongoing network for fellowship, sharing models, resources and experience.
·    The Theology/ Missiology group decided to establish communication between international missiology networks.
·    The Worship and the Arts group determined to conduct ethnic or regional music/worship events to empower a new generation of worship musicians and artists.
·    The Business and Economic Development group agreed on the need for a network to partner with business leaders and politicians to address justice and economic stimulus issues.
·    The South Asian regional group intends to bring the GCR spirit back home and bring local leaders in their region together in a similar roundtable to consult with the Lord and each other.

Many who participated realize that as a global forum of networks, GCR is still in its infancy and, therefore, lacks the full definition desired.  Continued effort will need to be given to clarifying GCR's purpose and mission and communicating this to participating mission networks.  However, there was a resounding consensus regarding the increased need for a global partnership like this in the work of the Great Commission.  Paul Cedar of Mission America summarized this thought: "As we move into the years of the 21st century, the time is ripe for an initiative such as the GCR.  The dynamics of globalization, rapid change, unexpected crises and other major world trends demand that mission ministries work together in closer cooperation than ever before." By facilitating the formation of a "network of networks," GCR is well on its way to providing the framework necessary for this to happen.

For more information on GCR or the recent consultation, including the presentations and reports from it, please visit the GCR website at http://www.gcroundtable.net or contact the Great Commission Roundtable, 800 W. Chestnut, Monrovia, CA 91016 USA; email: info@roundtable.net; phone: 1626 303 8811 extension 7329.

>From: Marc van der Woude <MarcvanderWoude@XC.Org>
>At:  http://www.joelnews.org

Look for edition 366 - 8 June 2001

   - Prayer watch in Jerusalem
   - King of Jordan meets evangelical leaders
   - Kazakhstan Prayer Center
   - Pakistan: 500 house churches planted in one year
   - 1334 pastors meet in Katmandu, Nepal
   - Over 5,000 house churches planted in India
   - Prayer for India
   - Church growth in northern India
   - Great Commission Roundtable in Malaysia
   - Bible bestseller in China
   - New Zealand: outbreak of united prayer

More information on prayer and revival (articles, archives, faqs, links)
is available on the Joel News pages: http://www.joelnews.org

>From: Rsmarder6@aol.com

Phil, I got this from one of the pastors that I worked with in Spain.  Would appreciate your posting in on the NPPN Global. Thanks.  Susanne

>From: Leo & Renee Lobo <106313.1121@compuserve.com>


This is a day of fire and of the judgment of God over Colombia -- a day that so far has lasted 40 years.  As a newspaperman said: "Death comes from the sky". The fumigation of large extensions of coca plantations destroys everything; all vegetation dries up, and paradise is converted into a desert.  It is the judgment of God for the death that we have exported all over the world.  And that is why we must repent.  We call those who love us to weep, fast, and cry out to God together with us on this day, which will be backed up by the Body of Christ all over the world.

PRAY FOR THE INNOCENT ONES WHO SUFFER: IN THE YEAR 2000: 39,000 deaths (100,000 in the last decade).  3,000 kidnappings (200 of them children).  At the present time, there are approximately 2 1/2 million people displaced by the violence (approximately 10% of them are Christians).  1,000 of these displaced people arrive each day in Bogotá; 75% of them are women and children -- "cleanup" bands patrol the streets at night killing the children.  The saddest part about man's evil is that the innocent suffer together with the guilty.  The indigenous peoples are also suffering.  Please pray for restoration, safety, and provision for all the innocent ones that are suffering.

PRAY FOR THE CHURCH THAT SUFFERS PERSECUTION:  More than 300 congregations closed and 52 pastors and leaders killed in the last 3 years.  DEATH, DEATH, ALL IS DEATH!  "For your sake we face death all day long" (Rom. 8).  Please pray so that the Church that is suffering in the rural areas will remain faithful in this hour of trial (Rev. 12:11); and that the Church in the cities -- which suffers less than in the conflict zones -- might be as one with their own (the displaced, the widows, the abandoned children), and with those of the world.  Pray that the Church might be an agent of healing for all, and of reconciliation between the groups in conflict.  

PRAY FOR PEACE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE: This is a Day of wrath, but "God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ" (1 Thes. 5:9).  Pray for a true reform in the midst of this crisis.  PLEASE PRAY for the Christian initiatives amongst the groups in conflict in these areas: Pray for favor in their eyes, for coordination of efforts, and for wisdom. The Lord will give us a new Colombia, because "WHERE SIN INCREASED, GRACE INCREASED ALL THE MORE."  (The beautiful thing about grace is that next to the righteous one, the sinner benefits.)

HOW TO PRAY?  I suggest that you print this note and give it to your pastor or prayer leader, asking him to call a prayer vigil or meeting to fast as a church on July 28 (If it can't be that exact day, it could be a day close to that one).  We will be uniting with thousands and thousands of Christians around the world on behalf of this cause.  In advance we thank you for your love for a COLOMBIA THAT IS BLEEDING.

Your brother in the Lord,  Leo Lobo

>From: Francois Carr <mwtedeum@mweb.co.za>

Revival is concerned with God¹s own people and genuine spiritual awakening is the natural result of the meeting and carrying out of definite conditions as laid out in the word of God.

Dr Sangster, in his booklet Revival: The Need and the Way, severely criticizes those ignorant people who scoff at revival and call it an emotional pipe dream. He speaks of ten practical reasons why revival is necessary in any society.

Revival causes financial stability
. People revived pay old debts; converted thieves steal and rob no more; honesty and sincerity prevail in business circles.

Revival reduces sexual immorality
. With the upsurge of VD, herpes and the Aids epidemic causing deep concern worldwide, people need to learn to honor their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit and desire purity in their homes and communities.

Revival disinfects our culture, leisure, society and media
. It is a the popular thing for lust, bad language, sex and immorality to be flung at the general public, regardless of age, in a manner which suggests that all who disapprove are prudes or stupid.

Revival reduces the divorce rate and prevents broken homes
. With Christ reigning in our homes and families, children no longer grow up with without security. The hurt, pain and misery caused by divorce and broken homes is eased. The family that prays together stays together.

Revival reduces juvenile crime
. The adolescent thug is a feature of our generation. Many Christian sociologists tells us that it is almost unheard of for a juvenile thug to come out of a real Christian home.

Revival lessens the prison population
. Every government in the world is having headaches about increasing prison populations. New prisons have to be built. Is it not strange that at any time in history when the prisons fill, the churches are empty?

Revival brings justice, tolerance, unity and loyalty to any nation
. Lies, intrigue, political extremities, totalitarianism, social and political unrighteousness fade as Christ becomes the head of a nation and society.

Revival improves the quality and increases the output of work
. When Christ is brought into the workplace and a man works to please him first, it makes a radical difference to the attitudes of employers and employees and in working conditions and rights.

Revival restores to a nation a sense of high destiny
. The Bible tells us that ŒRighteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people¹ (Proverbs 14:34). Starving masses are considered before party politics; unity is fostered rather than confrontation.

Revival brings happiness and peace to people
. Christ came to bring peace (Luke 2:14).

All people will agree that we are in greater need of Revival than ever before. However when we pray for Revival we do so with the eyes only on the temporary and survival. We pray for survival rather than Revival. That the Lord will change our community, to have a better place to live rather than the saving of souls for the glory and honor of God. Worldwide conditions suggest to us a planet out of control. We hover over the brink of total chaos in the world. Many signs that the Bible predicted concerning the last days are coming to realization before our eyes. Our leaders are baffled and bewildered, because of violence, etc. Surely it is time for our God to reveal His power and step into a arena of human affairs as He has done on so many occasions in scripture and throughout history. Could we not also begin to see a gracious working of the Holy Spirit in these last days that we are living in? Let us begin today to meet God¹s conditions (Ed).

The Bulletin of Revival is part of the ministry of Revival Congresses SA and serve as a Heart cry for a Biblical and Godsend Revival. There are so many "revivals" these days that few people could distinguish between false and real revival. The Bulletin will distribute and publish, sermons, stories and news of current movements of the Holy Spirit in Revival to the subscribers. The Bulletin is also aimed at all leaders, pastors and Christians that prayed and long for Revival. The purpose is to encourage and motivate believers to keep on praying for Revival. The Bulletin is usually sent out weekly. Please feel free to send this Bulletin to anyone you know who would be interested.

Francois Carr, National Coordinator of Revival Congresses SA
PO Box 27130, Sunnyside, 0132, RSA, Visit our website: http://www.revivalcsa.co.za

>From: Stephen Kopalchick <insider@christianaid.org >

Often our hearts are drawn to the extreme conditions of Third World countries, while Native Americans live in conditions equally as desperate, according to Grey Bear, a native missionary reaching out to his people with the gospel.  On the reservations, most live at or below poverty level. Indoor plumbing is a rarity. Infant mortality is worse than in most Third
World countries. And, unlike the rest of the country, welfare is not available.
Alcoholism and drug addictions are epidemic, says Grey Bear. The average tribe buries one of their young people every two weeks. These youth are hopeless and ashamed, with no promise of a future. Even many of their elders die before they are 50. The result is that they see a future of poverty and loss. As more and more youth leave the reservations, the future grows dimmer.

Of the people who identify themselves as American "Indian," only four percent claim Christianity as their faith. Like any other group of people in the world, being "native" is the key to their spiritual understanding. Only when the gospel is presented in a relevant cultural setting can it be understood and received.

Grey Bear tells a story about an elderly Christian Indian woman. "It is difficult for her to be a Christian among the majority of the people in her tribe who are against Christianity," he says. "On the other hand, she faces resistance from the churches on the 'outside' that are less tolerant of her faith expressed within her 'Indian' culture. Thus, she cannot fully and
freely live her faith in either of these worlds."

Grey Bear says, "Years of broken promises and unimaginable atrocities combined with abuse and misuse of the Word of God have produced seemingly insurmountable distrust [between Indians and other Americans]. Few who brought Christianity to the Indian culture encouraged them to worship God in a way that affirms who they are as Indians."

God has raised up Native American missionaries who are sharing the precious gift of eternal life with their brothers and sisters. Targeting the more than 300 reservations across the United States, they are expressing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a culturally relevant way.

"Our hope is to raise up leaders within each tribe who will pastor, teach, disciple, and love their people into the kingdom of God," says Grey Bear. "The Word of God says that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Nowhere is that more evident than in the Native American communities."

For five hundred years missionaries have been speaking to Native Americans in a "foreign language." It's time to reach out to the natives of this land in a way that will truly communicate the love of Christ.

To find out more about the work God is doing through native missionaries such as Grey Bear, write to insider@christianaid.org and put 020LWM-MI-221 in the subject line.

>From: "Ramona Rickard" <ramona_rickard@worldnet.att.net>
   Dear Phil,
The Prayer Movement in Swaziland is growing stronger and stronger. Pastor Zakes Nuxmalo of Manzini, Swaziland has lead pastors there for the past several years releasing a great move of prayer for national revival and spiritual awakening. On my last visit two years ago, every noon time would find hundreds of Swazis seated in circles on the front lawns of business, hotels, and in the parks for prayer! The Swazi's have only had the Bible printed in the Siswati language for the past 2 1/2 years, and the only Bibles available to them were huge "Family Bible" size. Ms. Elizabeth Hynd, director of the National Bible Society in Swaziland, and a native Swazi, along with Evangelist June McKinney of Jacksonville, Florida have raised funds to have smaller Bibles printed and have received permission from King Mswati III and the Parliament to not only distribute them to every student in the Swazi schools, but to every government official, to the Royal Family, and to every Police officer in the nation with the official endorsement of the King and the government! My husband & I have the distinct pleasure and joy of being an official part of the National Rally's and a special banquet for the Royal Family and Government Officials for the presentation of the Bibles. Bible classes and Prayer meetings will also be held in every school, and every government office by members of the Bible Society and by local Pastors. June McKinney has been ministering in Swaziland for the past eleven years, and several times has been invited by the King to address the entire nation. After she taught on the Blood covenant in 1993, King Mswati III declared Swaziland to be a Christian nation!

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel to Swaziland, Africa July 6 - 15, 2001!

Pastors Jim & Ramona Rickard, Church of the Resurrection
7600 Humboldt Avenue North, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55444
(763)566-7411  /  Rezzchurch@aol.com  /  http://www.rezzchurch.org>

>From: "Crosswalk.com" <newssummary@lists.crosswalk.com>

Some 3,000 men, women and children from many ethnic and denominational backgrounds, gathered in Winnipeg in May to pray for the church and the nation at their second annual Canadian Prayer Assembly. Willard Thiessen of Trinity TV said, "This is a wonderful expression of the 'body of Christ' working together."

The $250,000 event was largely an initiative of former football star-turned evangelist Brian Warren, executive director of Canada in Prayer, who earlier told Christian Week the assembly was meant to be "a visible demonstration of the living body of Jesus Christ in this generation."

The assembly is another step in looking past the dividing walls that so often mar the evangelical scene, says Michael Pierce of Christ for Your City in London, Ontario." We're coming together with a heart of unity, setting aside our personal agendas so that God's glory will come and reside here."

Youth pastor Andrew Micklefield said, "What could be more powerful than all parts of God's family asking him for the same thing?  Prayer gets the wheels turning."

To read the story online, go to:
Copyright © 2001 Crosswalk.com, Inc. and its Content Providers. All rights reserved.

>From: Paul@trainersofpastors.org  

Everything is growing in Africa.  The church is growing.  But, so also are crime, loneliness, corruption and AIDS.  What sort of a church are we planting, if it does not impact society? asked Xolisani Dlamini, at the TOPIC Southern Africa Regional Consultation (TSARC) held May 21-24, 2001, near Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dlamini said: Just about anyone can plant a church in Africa.  Evangelism and church planting is happening on a mass scale. We may have churches within walking distance of every people group in Zimbabwe, but, and that little word but changes everything.  Lets ask ourselves, But, what kind of church are we planting?  Is it a healthy church?

I believe we have focused on church planting only.   We have got to focus on the quality of leadership in each church.  That's what drew me to participate in TOPIC.  Our gathering here is for me a great sign of hope, he concluded,  As the pastoral leader goes, so goes the Church.

Pastor Dlamini is director of Target 2000, a saturation church planting network in his native Zimbabwe, one of fifty-six pastoral training agencies or ministries represented at TSARC.

Others included: African Outreach Ministries, Bible Training Centre for Pastors, African Leadership, BEE Intl, Nehemiah Bible Institute/University of Pretoria, Timothy Training Institute, Mukhanyo Theological College, Haggai Institute and T-Net International. In total there were ninety-two pastoral trainers representing seventeen African nations who participated.

The Consultation was sponsored by TOPIC (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition), in cooperation with The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa, Africa Ministry Resources, Africa Network Evangelism Task (AFNet), DAWN Africa and various denominational and ministry leaders.  The event was held at the Good News Centre, Guateng, Johannesburg, South Africa Christian Convention Center owned and operated by the local district of the Church of the Nazarene.

In his opening address, Rev. Hans-Martin Wilhelmchairman of the local organizing committee and head of Project Nehemiah Ministries outlined the goals of TSARC: This gathering is not a conference.  It is a working consultation  we are ALL participants.  Each one has something important to contribute.  TOPIC does not have all the answers, nor is it offering a new package.  Africa's pastoral leadership challenges require local solutions worked out in community.

TSARCs program centered around three basic questions:
1.    After a church is planted, then what?
2.    What does an equipped and maturing African pastoral leader look like?
3.    How do we train and develop the greatest amount of pastoral leaders for the Church in the shortest amount of time?

One of the keynote speakers was Joseph Joe Mabuela, pastor of Faith Community Sanctuary and director of Ministry Development Services, both in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa. He challenged participants: Where is the pastoral leadership pool to keep pace with the 300  350 new churches being planted in Africa every week?  

On our continent, the urgency of developing pastoral leaders is the consequence of the tremendous spiritual harvest that we are experiencing.  Brothers and sisters, this is OUR problem, let us take ownership, accepting the challenge TOGETHER, he stated.

Hennie Hanekom, Anglo Africa Regional Director with Every Home for Christ, illustrated the magnitude of the challenge.  He quoted from a letter written by Bishop Chaula of the African International Fellowship (AIF) in Northern Malawi.  

The letter states (in part): We are presently ministering in seventeen countries in Africa.  Because of our poverty, we are not able to purchase teaching material or start bible colleges.  Also, we have never taught our new converts any basic or foundation teachings.  Our pastors are selected by voting from the congregation floor.  The only help we have given to our new pastors is to give them a Bible.  . . .We realize we have not gone far enough in this matter, so we ask for help.  Please return to teach us.  An equipping team is now ministering with a group of about four hundred bishops, overseers and pastoral leaders of the AIF.

Other speakers included: Dr. J. J. (Dons) Kritzinger, Director of the Institute for Missiological and Ecumenical Research of the University of Pretoria; PhÌneas Chauke  pastor of the Jesus is Lord Christian Center, Guateng, Johannesburg, South Africa; Rev. Henry Mumba, pastor of a local church and trainer of pastors, who energetically pursues the TOPIC vision in Zambia; Poly Seithlheko  pastor of a Nazarene Church in Maseru, Lesotho; Rev. Philip Flores, who serves with the Navigators and is National Coordinator of TOPIC Philippines; Dr. Hans Wilhelm  a veteran missionary who served many years in Southern Africa and is currently Vice President for Training with China Partners; Mr. Craig Parro  Vice President with Leadership Resources and Rev. J. Paul Landrey  International Director of TOPIC.

Leaders shared case studies of effective pastoral training in several countries. The models were from Liiberia, Ghana, Zambia, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa.  A new video teaching series was premiered on the first night of the Consultation.  It is entitled: AIDSWhere is their hope?  Produced by Walk Thru the Bible/Africa, it is now being distributed throughout the continent, at subsidized prices.  

Training Pastors for Tent-Making Ministries was a popular workshop during the Consultation.  This was led by Dr. Flip Buys, a South African who is Principal of the Mukhanyo Theological College.   Other workshops focused on: Equipping Pastoral Trainers to Think, Act and Lead Biblically (led by Dr. Dennis Mock), Trans Africa Bible Studies Model (led by Rev. Jimmy Larson) and Building an Intentional Disciplemaking Church (by Rev. Bob Gilliam).  Dr. Buys, Dr. Mock and Rev. Gilliam are members of the TOPIC Intl Steering Committee.

Participants spent several hours each day working in groups based on national affinity.  Out of this time of interaction, flowed a better understanding of how to train the estimated eighty  ninety percent of African pastoral leaders who lack essential biblical training and ministry skills. Strategic partnerships were also formed between formal educational institutions and non-formal or informal ministry efforts.   Each national working group presented a plan of action, which they intended to achieve within the next eighteen months.

On the final day, participants appointed a TOPIC Southern Africa Task Force.  At least one representative was chosen from each nation in the region: Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland
The newly formed Task Force accepted the mandate of helping translate the regional plans into action.  One of the first steps to be taken in each nation is the completion of a Pastoral Leader Survey.  Its purpose is to determine the actual number of pastoral leaders needing training, throughout the region.

There is an African proverb that echoes the desires of the participants: "If you want to travel fast. . .go alone. If you want to travel far. . .go together!" The TOPIC Southern Africa Task Force is determined to take pastoral leadership training in their region to new levels of effectiveness and they have determined to do it TOGETHER.

[Photos available, upon request]

For more information telephone,
- in South Africa: Rev. Hans-Martin Wilhelm (011) 2711-391-4050
Pastor PhÌneas Chauke (011) 2711-762-1656
- in the USA: Rev. J. Paul Landrey (402) 289-5395

TOPIC, Inc. (Trainers of Pastors International Coalition)
P. O. Box 965, Elkhorn, NE  68022 USA
Tel. (402) 289-5395
Email: topic@trainersofpastors.org  /  Website: www.trainersofpastors.org

>From: "isu" <isu@enet.com.np>

Hearty greetings from Nepal. By the grace of God we are fine; wish you all the best. Keeping in prayer...
we have Census here and we gave out all information  first time they are writing the data of Christianity means this time we can see the big number or percentage of Christians in the Government report.  I will write you after Government give details.

The  songbook is finalized to print. We had prayer meeting and Surya Acharya from one of the big church Patan church and Sukdev Giri [from Youth with the Mission] and  Philip Gajmer who are involved in singing and composed songs into Nepali since long time are came in the prayer meeting and we are decided to publish only two thousand copies due to limited resources this time and there is big demand but we are going to print only 2000 copies.

The church at kathmandu is growing in spirit and in faith, ministry is going on well with this newly established ministry, the office is been established and as I left the NCFN, I am quite busy, there are so many things has to be done, the report from Tibet and Bhutan coming and I will inform you after some time.... Keeping in prayer...in His grip, Isu Jung Karki

>From: The Commission Magazine: A Window on the World

How Not To Pray

   A Chinese church leader who, over a period of years, has been beaten and imprisoned for his faith, was recently asked how Western Christians should pray for the church in China. He surprised the Westerners by telling them not to pray for the release of imprisoned Christians and to not even ask for an end to persecution. "Pray instead," he said, "that
those who are suffering will sense God's presence and that He will be glorified through their lives and witness."

Desperately Hungry
   Taking gospel tracts into a remote area of China is risky, but one Christian worker found the risk was not what he had anticipated. Rather than having to account to authorities for the Christian materials, he found himself in the midst of villagers, hungry for the gospel, who fought over the tracts. "Everywhere we went, we found that as soon as people understood the gospel, they would give their lives to Christ," he said.

A Fiery Answer To Prayer
   As believers worldwide prayed for the advance of the gospel among the Toura of West Africa, a brush fire driven by fierce winds raged through a Toura village. Eight Toura families lost everything they owned, including their food stores. The tiny group of Toura Christians from other villages wove new roofs of palm fronds and presented them to
the chief as a gift of Christian love.

Anguish Turns To Joy When God Answers Prayer
   When Southern Baptist volunteers visited several villages of the unreached Saramaccan people group in Suriname, they were surprised to meet a Christian woman.
   "The woman had prayed for 18 years that God would bring a spiritual awakening to her village and that she would no longer be the only believer," said missionary Tim McClard. "As we prayed with her, she literally wailed with anguish because of her burden for the lost of her village.
   "All of us on the team were humbled by this lady's faith."
   The woman's sorry turned to joy, however, after an evangelistic film was screened. More than 30 people surrendered their lives to Christ that very night.
   Thank God for His faithfulness in answering the prayers of His children. Pray for the rapid advance of God's kingdom among the Saramaccans of Suriname.

>From: Usprayercenter@cs.com

Today, Monday, June 18, 2001 Pastor Jackson Senyonga, from Uganda, spoke to the Greater Houston Pastors Prayer Meeting conducted (this month) at Braeswood Assembly of God. Pastor Senyonga is one of those featured in the new Transformation II video produced by George Otis and The Sentinel Group. As revival swept Uganda his church of seven members grew in two weeks to more than 2,000 people! Today they conduct five services each Sunday and they are working on a church auditorium that will seat more than 20,000!

I felt his insights were challenging. Here are a few.

"The devil taught us in Uganda to pray." (An oppressively murderous government, poverty, AIDS, and the Ebola virus.)

"Every day should be a 'National Day of Prayer' in the United States."

"Your everyday life should be an open prayer to God."

"One church can effect a neighborhood victory. But citywide, regional or national victory will require the united corporate
body of Christ."

"You must pray until 'God happens' in your community!"

"In America, the cry of sin is louder than the cry of intercession."

"If you know what to expect in your services next Sunday, you are operating under a spirit of limitation."

"If you are not 'living on the edge,' then you are taking up too much room."

"The American way of life is standing in the way of revival."

"One sweeping move of God across America and the issue of prayer in public schools will be revisited."

"Satan is using the spirit of ease and slumber to keep America from revival."

Source: Eddie Smith, U.S. Prayer Center

>From: Friday Fax <FridayFax@DawnEurope.net>

The leaders of the Evangelical Christian Baptist Church of Ukraine have set themselves a high target: 1,200 new churches in Crimea, one for every town or village on the peninsula. Three years ago, services were held in only 43 places, far from enough to reach the 2.5 million inhabitants, most of whom experienced no Christian witness. That bugged Alexi Bogatonkov. Inspired by church planting seminars, he started mobilizing and training potential church planters in existing churches, together with Nicholi Daviduke and missionary Cory Lemke. "Grace is the best motivation," says Bogatonkov. "When I realized what Jesus had done for me, I suddenly understood. For someone who does not understand God's grace, the commission to evangelize is terrifying. But when you understand God's
love, you want to tell others about it." Many pastors, used to years of Soviet repression of dissidents, initially resisted the idea of training normal church members to plant churches. "Many pastors don't understand God's Word, and preach traditions instead of God's love for the lost. The result is a fear of losing control when younger Christians receive training which they did not," says Daviduke. Now, though, through successful cooperation and the idea of helping existing churches to train their own members in church planting, many are changing their minds. In the past three years, some 70 new house churches have been planted in Crimea, most in places previously without a church.  Source: World Pulse, Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Fax (+1)-630-752-7155, e-mail: emis@wheaton.edu

To subscribe to The Friday Fax, send a message with the subject: subscribe English to fridayfax@dawneurope.net.

>From: Friday Fax <FridayFax@DawnEurope.net>

There is hardly a Christian movement which better demonstrates the true meaning of commitment than China's Christians. The following is a brief extract from a report by a Chinese couple visited by staff of the mission agency "Aktion fuer Verfolgte Christen" ("Action for Persecuted Christians"): "Shortly after marrying in 1994, we traveled as missionaries to Xinjiang, with four other couples. We discovered 20-30 small churches with a total of around 300 believers.  In a span of only three years, the growth was so strong that we had almost 500 churches in four districts, with a total of some 100,000 members. The Government began persecuting the movement, infiltrating the churches and
labeling it a cult in the local television. I was arrested, but was able to escape and now live in hiding. My wife Li (name changed) was arrested at the end of 1997, and taken to a women's prison, together with six other Christians, where she suffered hunger, torture and hard labor. In her free time, she preached the gospel to the other inmates. She was moved from one cell to another every three months, so at least half of the inmates heard the gospel."
Source. AVC, fax (+49)-6043-8136

To subscribe to The Friday Fax, send a message with the subject: subscribe English to fridayfax@dawneurope.net.

> From: "Achim Blackstein" <blackstein@netprayers.de>

Netprayers-WebPrayerGuide has expanded its service for the praying Christian. Check the articles, tips and online news for a vivid prayer life.

In German

In English

Thank you very much!

>From: Window International Network <win1040list-return@win1040.com>

Now you can read about and see some of the powerful scenes of what happened at the Women's Summit on the Window and Praying With Power conferences in Jakarta, Indonesia in May 2001!
The conferences were held for the first time in our 10/40 Window. It was truly amazing to see how God moves in the hearts of those who love Him!
Our complete conferences report to all of our faithful email intercessory partners is now available online! Please visit our web site at  http://www.win1040.com and choose the animated button in the top left corner.

Until All Have Heard, Beverly Pegues, Window International Network

P.S.  Mark your Calendars Now for Praying Through the Window V: Children, Teens and Young Adults prayer focus in October, 2001. For your copy of this prayer calendar, go to http://www.win1040.com and go to our Prayer Calendar page.

>From: Friday Fax <FridayFax@DawnEurope.net>

Christians in Chennai (Madras) have set up 'prayer stations' at crossroads, where they invite people of all classes to come for prayer. Schoolchildren, businessmen, rickshaw drivers and the sick all come. Schoolchildren regularly wait in line for prayer that God would bless them for their studies. "Don't pray for me," said Saravanna, one young schoolboy, "pray for my father, mother and sister."
Source: Rev. A. Vasantaraj, Church Growth, tel. +91-44-8255372; e-mail: cgai@vsnl.com
To subscribe to the Friday Fax, send a message with the subject: subscribe English to fridayfax@dawneurope.net.


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