Protestant, Catholic and Jewish leaders from around the world are endorsing an international "Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem," to be held annually on the first Sunday of October, this year on October 3.  People all around the world will be asked to pray in harmony for the Peace of Jerusalem. 
Endorsers of this effort include its co-founders, Jack Hayford and Robert Stearns, plus NAE President Ted Haggard, Mission America Chairman Paul Cedar, CBN Chairman Pat Robertson and President Michael Little, National Religious Broadcasters Chairman Glenn Plummer, Ravi Zacharias, Kenneth Copeland, Jane Hansen, Gary Bauer, Dean Jones, Kay Arthur, David Bolthouse, Michael W. Smith, Pat Boone, Janet Parshall... (see the list below). 
The Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Metzger, has given his full endorsement of this effort, as has Ehud Olmert, the former mayor of Jerusalem, who is now the Vice Prime Minister, and most importantly, the newly formed "Christian Allies Caucus" of the Israeli Knesset.  The Roman Catholic Church was represented by Monsignor William Showali, the personal representative of the Latin Patriarch in the Old City. 
According to Robert Stearns, recognition of the day is growing quickly. "Leadership Committees are already forming in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and other nations to join with us in this global effort.  There has been communication from church leaders from as far away as Australia who plan on mobilizing believers in their nation," says Stearns. 
Jack Hayford says, "We are living in a sobering moment in history that calls us, as people of God to fulfill our biblical mandate to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and to stand against the alarming rise of anti-Semitism.  We are not to be passive; we are called to pray with passion, to intercede.  This is not about politics; this is about the Word of God." 
Dr. Ravi Zacharias adds, "Prayer is the only means that will ultimately change hearts in this troubled part of the world." 
Thousands of pastors are already cooperating in this call and have committed their congregations to participate on Sunday, October 3.  See more at, where you can also learn of a leadership summit to take place May 20-21 in New York.  Call (716) 759-1058 or go to for more information. 
Other endorsers of the international "Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem:" 
Don Argue, Northwest University 
Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries International 
Ted Baehr, Christian Film & Television Commission 
Robert Bakke, National Day of Prayer 
Tommy Barnett, Phoenix First Assembly 
Gary Bauer, American Values 
Gary Bergel, Intercessors for America 
John Bevere, John Bevere Ministries 
Pat Boone, Pat Boone Enterprises 
Peter Bradley, International Bible Society 
Carlton Brown, Bethel Gospel Assembly, Inc. 
Ron & Judy Burgio, Elim Fellowship 
Paul Cedar, Mission America Coalition 
Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda, All Nations Church 
Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Believer's Voice of Victory 
Billy Joe Daugherty, Victory Christian Center 
John Dawson, Youth With a Mission 
Frank Dupree, Metro Ministry Network 
Dick Eastman, Every Home for Christ 
Bernard Evans, Elim Fellowship 
Jeff Farmer, Open Bible Churches 
Don Finto, The Caleb Company 
Steve Fry, Belmont Church 
Dennis Fuqua, International Renewal Ministries 
Corkie Haan, Mission America Coalition 
Ted Haggard, National Association of Evangelicals 
Jane Hansen, Aglow International 
Jack Hayford, The Church on the Way 
Malcolm Hedding, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem 
Clyde Hughes, International Pentecostal Church of Christ 
James M. Hutchens, Christians for Israel 
John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministry International 
Harry Jackson, Hope Christian Church 
Paul Johansson, Elim Bible Institute/NSUM 
Dean Jones, Christian Rescue Committee 
John Kelly, LEAD 
Larry Kreider, Dove Christian Fellowship International 
James Leggett, International Pentecostal Holiness Church 
Jo Ann Magnuson, Bridges for Peace 
Celia McAlpine, Lydia Fellowship International USA 
Bill McCartney, Road to Jerusalem 
Phil Miglioratti, National Pastors Prayer Network 
Dan O'Bryant, Republican Candidate US Senate Colorado 
Janet Parshall, Janet Parshall's America 
Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion Ministries International 
Glenn Plummer, National Religious Broadcasters 
Fred Price, Crenshaw Christian Center 
Friedhelm Radandt, The Kings College
Pat Robertson, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc. 
Robert Rodgers, Evangel World Prayer Center 
David Ruleman, Salem Communications/ WAVA 
Dale Schlafer, Center for World Revival and Awakening 
Roland & Ruth Selg, Teamwork Germany 
Gwen Shaw, End-time Handmaidens & Servants 
Dutch Sheets, Dutch Sheets Ministries 
Robert Simonds, Citizens for Excellence in Education 
Michael W. Smith, Recording Artist 
Eddie Smith, U.S. Prayer Center 
Robert Stearns, Eagles' Wings 
John Trent, 
Joseph Umidi, Regent University 
Michael Utterback, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem 
Peter Wyns, Derek Prince Ministries 
Barbara Yoder, Shekinah Christian Church 
Ravi Zacharias, Ravi Zacharias Ministries International 
To add your name to this list, please call (716) 759-1058 Ext. 223 
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